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Our Chapter adopted the name of the Crossroads Chapter in 2016. Not only is the name a reference to Gray, Maine (where almost every major route in Maine crosses and our chapter meets), but every Veteran we help who has come to a crossroad.

We respond and help them on their way. In time, we may be able to ride all over the state and ride by the home of someone we helped. If we had not been there to help when they were at a crossroad, they may not be where we can ride by.


Many of us joined this group to be with people who understand what we have experienced. We joined because we were lost at our own crossroads.

We also selected the chapter motto of "Nec merda, Ibi ego eram" as our motto. Which translated from the Latin means, "No shit, there I was" ...which everyone knows is how every good war story starts.




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There are three (3) CVMA Chapters in Maine.


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