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I joined the Army on the DEP Nov 83 of my Sr yr of HS. Entered basic Sep 84 at Fort Knox, KY as an M1 Abrams Tank crewmember. I've been stationed twice in Germany with one being at the same post, unit and barracks that Elvis was in. I've been stationed at 6 different posts here in the States with 2 tours at Ft. Hood, TX. I served in Desert Shield/Storm as a tanker, I did 2 tours in Afghanistan as a Combat Adviser embedded with the 1st Kandack Afghan Border Police operating in the Kunar, Nangahar Providences and in the Tora Bora region. I retired out of Fort Polk June 2012 and came home to Maine.

I became a member of the CVMA back in 2010. Became a Life Member not long after. I've held the position of Public Relations, Sgt at Arms and Chapter Commander in 17-3.

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