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The CVMA® Patch-Map has become a valuable repository for “No-Fly / Safety Alert Information”. 

It is being provided and maintained by VA 27-1. 


The Map can be reached via the following hyperlink:

Password:  vetshelpingvets

Select the State you want to find information on.  No-Fly and/or Safety information (when applicable) will be provided in the new window to the right of the map.  There is an “AS OF” date on each of the State ‘pop-up’ windows.  That date reflects the last time the information for that specific State “changed” and was updated.  Keep in mind this type of information may be very fluid and therefore it is always a good idea to contact the State Rep or local Chapter leadership if you are planning on traveling through that State.


Updating the information:

Information pertaining to a “No-Fly” concern or a safety alert should be immediately brought to your State Reps attention.  State Reps evaluate the information and (1) disseminate the information to their State via email and (2) send the information to the NSAA.  Also, the NSAA provides the most up to date CVMA® State Rep names and contact information to the Virginia State Rep who in turn ensures the web site is updated. 


A huge “thank you and well done” goes out to VA 27-1!


Ride Safely and we’ll see you out there.     



John Orille
Virginia State Rep


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